Helllloooo Blogworld =)

by - October 04, 2009

Hey everyone, for those who do not know me I'm Lache Chanice Never mind the last name lol. Blogs are starting to come up as the new in thing and that's understandable considering we live in a tech filled world. I decided to create this blog because like many bloggers I'm very critical and I ALWAYS have things to say. a Bit about myself, I'm currently in my last year of highschool, i was born and raised in Toronto and my future is within fashion. I aspire to become a model, designer, fashion magazine editor, stylist, and the list goes on. Fashion and the entertainment world have always been a strong passion of mine and i will definately continue to progress within that. For now bare with me I'm new to this and have alot to offer.

Enjoy =)

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