The Hills & The City Season Premiere

by - October 04, 2009

So Hills&City Lovers the two reality series are both back and on new dates and times on MTV, but thats not all that has changed. Both shows have had alot of "renovations", if you may, done to them

The Hills had the most dramatic makeover, They lost Lauren Conrad :'(. She decided to move on with her career and step out of the reality show limelight for a bit. which i get seeing as shes been filming her day to day life since she was in her senior years of highschool :\. The Hills dedided to pick up Kristen aka "The Bitch" and they also kept the fellow Hills Cast members, Lo, Audrina, Stephanie Pratt, the guys, and Speidi!

The first episode premiered last tuesday at 10
it wasnt that amazing but the drama was definately there. although it is not the same without Lauren, Im looking forward to see the staged drama featuring Kristen Cavillari and The lovely ladies of the Hills.
Here's a clip of the trailer for those that don't watch. if you missed the episode go to MTV.CA they have the full episode right there. Watch it Tuesday Nights @ 10 on MTV

The City
Whitney Port has now risen the ranks to success with her second season of her New York Based Reality Show The City. The thing i like best about this show is it puts a huige perspective on fashion compared to the hills and its drama. The city has its own drama, which isnt intense but good enough to watch when youre bored. In the first episode there was aboslutly no sign of her fellow castmates and friends. The only familiar faces were kelly catrone who i personally love, and Olivia palermo who was the drama of the episode. This girl landed a Job at Elle Magazine and on one of her first days she tried to regulate the task and got into an argument with her employers. She's a brave one. You definately have to have amazingly tough skin to do that in the fashion world, and especially at a place like Elle Magazine, but then again i guess its all apart of the "reality" show aspects andwhat makes good primetime drama. I totally almost forgot about the new girl Roxy..I dont know about her, she threw a crazy party in Whitney's apartment, that got so out of hand the cops came. Poor Whitney... Remember Nice girls finish you need to put your foot down. Here's a clip. Watch it Wednesdays @10 on MTV

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