Rihanna Who Dressed Thou?

by - October 04, 2009

LOL my title says it all...Rihanna is known to be the youngest trendsetter in the game right now
and as her career grows so does her fashion sense and style. Lately she's been doing well with her comeback and her coture outfits have been non stop amazing...but is she going overboard? a few blogsites claim that this may be a stunt for attention..what do you think? i'll leave you to decide

The top kinda reminds me of a spider web lol
regardless this chick is bold
I LOVE high fashion but there's a few limits every now and then
oh, this photo was of her arriving at Paris Fashion Week at the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show =)

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  1. I love Rihanna because her style is fiece. She reminds me of Grace Jones.