Speaking of Bey...

by - October 12, 2009

Remember a few weeks ago when Lil Mama EMBARRASSED herself by walking up on stage during the Jay-Z & Alicia Key's performance? Well there's now a clip of Beyonce desperately trying to hold Lil Mama back from her plans to go on stage. LoL Lil Mama is loosing ratings by the min for that stunt..I don't even wanna know what possesed her to do that but i guess it makes great drama for us.


Bonnie & Clyde aka Bey & Jay are set to preform at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The will be preforming for a kick off concert with many other artists like the Black Eyed Peas. The concert is organized to get the fans and broadcasters excited to see many huge names preform for such a huge event. This concert is raising funds where the entire proceeds will be donated to the official campaign of the 2010 World Cup, called 20 Centres for 2010. The campaign funds will go towards education, soccer training and healthcare services to communities of poverty. Way to go Bey & Jay

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