by - January 26, 2010

So everyone i know has been trying to get at me about me never wearing sneakers....NOT true..i LOOOOOVE sneakers just as much as I love heels! Anyways aren't these sneakers so cute,low cut, high tops, love em all
Chuck Love<3 These Chucks are apart of Converse's RED line and they're available for Valentine's Day. They can be customized with absolutely anything you want to write online or in the comfort of your own home :) Converse allows you to completely customize any sneaker online which adds a unique spin to your kicks. I particularly love this pair, so cute..The catch is I wouldn't know whether to put my name or my boyfriend's LOL ;)

I came across these sneakers on FASHION magazine's website..another pair of converse..but they're ankle booties..I love these..
definitely getting a pair.

I'm not EDHARDY's biggggest fan..sometimes tattoo designs are a bit
overwhelming but these sneakers are adorable...
low cut and comfy...the design is so loud your outfit really doesn't have to be.

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