Au Naturale: Keeping your skin healthy through you're own kitchen!

by - March 10, 2011

So as cliche as my title for this post care is a must for everyone! Especially one that takes beauty and health seriously. A lot of us, including myself, have yet to find out what exactly works for our skin. I find that anything that is natural works the best in comparison to anything with harsh chemicals, dyes, additives, as well as fragrances. I've researched online as well as asking many other beauties, what works best for you? I have also come across natural home remedies that is not just good for the stomach but also good for the skin! Here are the list of what these lovely ladies use to keep their skin healthy, as well as a list of recipes for skin using food items found in your own home!

Currently I am using Biore products, their warming anti- blackhead cleanser, toner, as well as night serum moisturizer.

"Well i herd Ambi is good... i guess everybody skin reacts different."- Stephanie A.
"Raining men" from Lush ♥ best body wash everrrr, and "honey I washed the kids" soap bar :)"- Alia K.
Milk bath fill up the tub, put 1 cup n a half of milk soak for 15 mins .. Crub off with a rag, n bath as usual. Also Honey mixed with conditioner in my hair." - Racquel B.

*Beauty Secret * When washing your face, use cold water.

What we consume daily is a BIG factor in how our skin appears, Najee G. suggested
Drinking: Green Tea, and Water
Eating: Blueberries, Oatmeal

Secret Tip: "try cutting up an avocado and mixing it with a table spoon of milk. into a paste.. and leaving it on your face for 30 mins. rinse it off.. or you could do the same with slow cooking oatmeal.. not the instant ones because the sugar will make you get pimples" - Najee G.

Skin Beauty Care Zone (
Lists their top 10 foods for great skin:
Secret Powers: Rich in Vitamin C and E, fights aging skin!

2. Berries
Secret Powers: most potent antioxidant, fights aging skin and cell damage, source of vitamins C and E, Riboflavin and fibers.

3.DARK CHOCOLATE! (this is where my chocolate obsession comes in handy !)
Secret Powers: high antioxidant content which helps flowing blood to the skin.

4.Green Tea
Secret Powers: Used as a natural remedy for acne, source of vitamins C, D and K,

5. Mackerel, Sardines, & Tuna (for those unlike me allergic to tuna or those to fish in general!)
Secret Powers: Contains Omega 3- Oils, Essential fatty acids, decreases chances of clogged pores, also improving elasticity. (Good for those obsessed with looking younger!)

the rest are as followed:
6. Oysters
7.Pomegranate Fruit & Juice
10. Walnuts

To see what these powerful foods can do for your skin visit:

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