Do women really fake it?: The art of masquerade labels

by - July 12, 2011

Many of the average working class women and men are constantly smitten with the designer labels left right and centre. From the co-worker with the amazing shiny gold Michael Kors watch, to the louis vuitton speedy in almost every customers hand, I can definately vouch for anyone that is tortured daily with these high priced beauties. There are some creative individuals out there that study the art of taking something old and turning it into, well literally some brand new Christian Louboutin pumps! According to Rachel Quigley's article, "Faking it", women all over new york are visiting their local cobbler in the upper east side, for a $32 "red bottom treatment", taking their pumps and painting the bottom red to match the sleek and seductive Christian Louboutin Red staple. This got me thinking, are all those Damier Azur speedys clung by all the women that come to shop where I work real? If you visit Kijiji, you can find many people selling replicas for more than HALF the price and if you are not a fashion junkie, you would not be able to decipher the difference. Certain websites such as, offer you the brand name for over 50% off, but my guess is that they are replicas. As a true fashion junkie and lover, I would much rather wait till I'm able to buy the authentic products beautiful luxury designers have to offer. But kudos to the women that pull it off with ease!

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