Model Spotlight: Jasmine Sanders

by - July 15, 2011

You may know her as "Golden Barbie" on twitter, or as Chris Brown's alleged rebound girlfriend ( right after the Riri incident) in the gossip world, but the name of this gorgeous being is Jasmine Sanders.Her Striking blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, coupled with her full lips asserts that she is apporpriately named, "Golden Barbie". With unique features, and a killer body, Jasmine has many notches under her belt within the modeling industry and she is definately one to watch out for. She's been featured in Bebe Sports True Religion 2011 Swimwear, Seventeen Magazine, Elle, Glamour. Mizani, as well as Aloxxi Hair Campaign. Hailing from South Carolina, she's currently signed to Vision Los Angeles. Keep your eyes on the lookout for this gorgeous black beauty, she is truly a doll.


Age: 19 years young
Height: 5’9
Vision Los Angeles
Born: Germany
Ethnicity: German mother & African American father
Twitter: @Golden_Barbie

Check out some photos, and footage, you'll adore her!

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