Dreaming of VACATION!

by - February 27, 2014

For us "lucky" individuals that endure the harsh winter climates, we have definitely had enough! The constant thoughts we revert to aid us through the frigid days, are the compelling thoughts of our next and hopeful vacation.  I have always been one to pack 1000 outfit possibilities, the hardest part of packing is choosing the right staple pieces to take help prevent overpacking.

 On my trip to Cuba last July, I mixed and matched standout prints, bright hues and metallics to pick up on cooler hues. A few of my most coveted pieces I brought along were: maxi dresses, skirts with slits, statement blazers, sandal heels and wedges, and envelope style/ oversized clutches!

I had to chance to capture my current happy place, fashion and the Caribbean climate! Here are my personal photos which I am more than happy to share.Any questions on where I purchased any pieces within these photos, feel free to drop a comment below!


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