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by - February 25, 2015

Within my many years of shopping and my love for styling and fashion, I have developed (or maybe it was passed on from my mom!) a strong sense for bargain hunting.

I do understand shopping is a luxury, but I can ALWAYS find amazing deals with the hottest items in our fav stores. I truly feel that there is no excuse to not be able to shop without spending ridiculously,
But with time, patience and budget you can shop smart and still gran high fashion finds! 


This definitely varies by store, 

Denim, basics, and layering pieces: H&M, GAP, Old Navy, and Zara have a great selection during sale season. I know they are super annoying but sign up for Gap and Old Navy emails! They will always give you the heads up on their current sales and with that information you could apply it to your current coveted favs, or possibly wait for them to be marked down further. I do both, but I decide based on what is a hot selling item and what will be there in stock.

shoes: Zara sale seasons are amazing for shoes. I usually am able to purchase  my favs of the season for next to nothing based on how long I'll wait and sometimes luck based on location!
I usually scout locations to determine which may carry more of the sale items in stock, and I will also call! Aldo, Spring also have great sales.

Dresses, knits, pants: H&M, Zara, Club Monaco, French Connection, And Aritzia during sale season all have amazing variety and prices. 

The key in these prices are when you visit during the sale season. August clears our Spring and summer items to make room for new fall items and late December, January to early February you have end of fall/winter stock. I will always continue to document my finds as long as I blog! I live to help everyone understand that it is possible to dress well on a budget.  without further adieu here are my most recent shoe finds from Zara.

Original price including tax: $192.87 CAD
Sale Price including tax: $44.05

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